We are working to build the Internet’s best guide to help people find hydroseeding supplies.   Hydroseeding Supply Finder was created by the International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals (I.A.H.P.) to solve a problem that many new hydroseeding contractor have.   Hydroseeding supplies are available most everywhere but finding places that sell hydroseeding supplies can sometimes be difficult.  We want to make it easy.  We want to be clear.  We do not sell hydroseeding supplies.  This site isn’t designed to sell anything.  It is designed to help people entering the hydroseeding business find places to buy hydroseeding mulch, seed and other supplies.  It is also a way to help our dealer members let people know they exist but we do a free listing of any suppliers of hydroseeding supplies that we know of.  The goal of the International Association of HydroSeeding Professionals is to help the industry grow and to help those involved in the industry.  We want to make this site helpful to everyone.

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The International Association of HydroSeeding Professionals was founded in 2004.  Membership is available to hydro seeding contractors as well as manufacturers and dealers of hydro seeding equipment and supplies.  The association has grown to be one of the most beneficial resources for both contractors and suppliers.  Contractors can get a free listing on our sister site designed to help customers find contractors and can participate in our online classes both to gain knowledge and to become a “Certified HydroSeeding Professional”.

For a full list of membership benefits please visit our “member benefit” page or our main IAHP website.

Many members say the IAHP is the best association they have ever belonged to.  We invite you to learn how inexpensive and how beneficial a membership could be for you.

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We are working to build the best resource for finding hydro seeding supplies possible.   We would like to ask for your help with our list.  If you know of, or are involved with a business that sells hydro seeding mulch and other supplies that is not on our list please take a few minutes and use the contact form on our site to let us know so we can add a free listing for that business.   Of course we would love to have any suppliers of hydroseeding products as an IAHP member.  The small cost of a membership will be more than offset by the additional business that membership will generate.

We would appreciate any help should you find any suppliers on our site that have stopped selling hydro seeding supplies or are out of business.  Help us by using our contact form to let us know of any new suppliers or  any incorrect information on our list.  We want to keep our list up to date and ask for your help.

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